Sunday, March 22, 2015


Sometimes I'm deep in thought.  Sometimes its just the cold medicine making me a little slow. When I'm sick there are things I should not do.  I know I will mess them up and have to start over once I'm well.  Unless its book reviews. Those I write anyway and read later because they are hilarious. I've gathered some job hunt musings that seem pretty legitimate now that that I'm feeling better. 

Things I just don't understand:

Jobs where you can mail in your application or apply in person.  What year is it?  Lets use the resources available to us.  How about email or fax? Anything would be faster or more efficient. It makes me wonder if this type of place that mails rejection letter or postcards.  I've received a few of both but not recently. 

Jobs that use email correspondence but then state within the email not to reply to the email.  If they would rather call me and have me call them, that is ok too.  I find the switching of contact methods confusing and honestly its harder to keep track of who you talked to and when.

Any website on which you have to supply information that must fit a certain set of  parameters (incidentally I often get parameter and perimeter confused) but said rules are not offered in the  beginning so you inevitably type the data in the wrong format. This will of course delete what you just typed, delete the entire page and possibly delete any attachments so that you get to do it all over again.  

Businesses that tell you they aren't hiring when a job board or their own website states something different.  If you are only hiring part time work its ok so say that.  If aren't hiring at all that should mean no one regardless of pay scale, title or hours worked. 

Job boards that don't allow you to filter out volunteer openings and internships.  These positions can be great springboards but if they aren't what you are looking for there really needs to be a filter option to remove them.

Jobs that clearly list the city where the position is located but not the state.  This is especially true when the city name is common like the same of a president or utilizes commons descriptors like center,or middle. This can also be massively confusing if your city has the same name as another more famous city but you are not in fact that well known location.  If you are the Los Angeles of Idaho you need to state that, clearly.   

Job descriptions that are less than three lines long and are filled with business management mumbo-jumbo.  Great so I'll be doing the things and the stuff.  Now I understand  These postings usually have no formatting and tend to not list a salary either. 

Job descriptions that don't link to the job requirements but instead link you to another page where the jobs are in a less than obvious spot.  Is this a way to test my research skills?  I'd prefer to use that time polishing my cover letter. 

Position postings that state correspondence will be via email but you have to mail or hand in your application.  Making me think they have an email that would work for the  purposes of receiving said application packets electronically. 

Businesses with profiles on LinkedIn that are private.  I'd like to learn about your company. My profile is public.  Show me what you got.

Getting a call about a job only to realize they are reading from a script and its all some big pyramid scheme where they charge you for your training and you never actually make any more.  Don't do that.  These same jobs also tend to employe callers who are overly  enthusiastic about weird things "wow you are still employed that's great."  No, no its not and you are full of baloney. 

Typing out your employment history and skills so many times that after awhile even you bore you.  That old chestnut? 

How can you misspell Librarian? I mean ok fine it wasn't in a job posting it was in someones resume but it was on LinkedIn and isn't that pretty formal. Oh Wow!

Why does my job application need to know my grade school, social security number or references of my neighbors? 

I like this poem.  Its all about perspective.  It also makes me want to wander around and sing "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone" by The Monkees.  


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