Thursday, March 5, 2015

Job Physics


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Being unemployed has innumerable negatives; not the least of which are loss of income, sleep and professional purpose. I have a concern that stems from high school physics, in which we learned about forces and work.  If you exert force but nothing changes, you technically didn't do any work.  This is my worry.  If I job hunt all day but I do not find a job to apply for or I do not get a call about a job or interview for a job; does that mean I didn't get anything done?  It sure seems that way.  It is hard to quantify an activity for which there is no obvious outcome.  I may get a call or email about a job that I applied for, but it may be weeks or even months.  Its progress that is very hard to track. 

Another challenge is employers who can't or won't give you any feedback about your resume or interview.  I jokingly asked one day "Do I smell?"  I truly wonder some days if a subliminal message is hidden in my resume or cover letter that suggests I am a danger to myself and others. 

A conundrum I recently uncovered is the full time vs part time issue.  If you interview for a job that is part time, you cannot lie and say yes you want part time.  Clearly you are a full time professional and your desire is for a 40 hr work week.  So in being truthful you rob yourself of the potential of at least being underemployed instead of unemployed.  I could fib and say that part time work is my heart's desire but wouldn't I be in a pickle later on when full time work came my way?  

I am completely befuddled by employers who clearly sympathize with how tricky the job market has become but are disinclined to offer work based on the above predicament. If you are aware of the issue and you have the power to make a change to that would better someone's situation, why then continue down the path of inactivity? 

Two very peculiar things have happened to me this week.  First I got a phone call about an interview.  We didn't get a date since I was starting a new job and didn't know my schedule yet. The interview had a  presentation  requirement, so I got started on the homework.  About two hours later I got a call telling me that the whole company had just started a hiring freeze and they had to cancel my interview.  That was a pretty strange scenario but its almost as weird as my morning. I had two shifts on the schedule, today 10-2 and tomorrow 10-2.  I got up, packed a lunch and pondered what to wear.  Then I get a phone call from work saying they weren't supposed to hire me and please don't come in. Thats two times awkward.  Now I really don't know what to do with my day.  

One bright spot, I didn't call Job and Family Services to update my employment status yet.  Procrastination for the win. 

Should I be looking for job and filling out applications? Most  definitely. Am I starting to feel like each time I reach for a cookie I am going to get my hand slapped? Yes to this as well. I'd dearly like to know whose coffee I spit in  because  clearly  my karma needs an overhaul. 

Before you go, here's a little inspiration and motivation.  Nothing moves me quite like comedy.  Cussing doesn't hurt either. :)  All these quotes are from a set of 40 so I hope you like them; I plan on using every single one.




  1. It's rough, I see it all the time in the hiring process. Too many employers send applicants into a black hole of never hearing back. At my institution we're not allowed to give any feedback or advice to applicants. HR gives them a generic "you didn't fit our needs at this time," and that's it. It's a missed opportunity, but administration is afraid of lawsuits, so there you go. Keep at it, because employers may have mix-ups and hiring practices messy and confusing, but it's not a reflection on you. Seriously -- it's not!!

    1. I just wish I had more insight about this whole process. It really feels like no one knows what they are doing but at least they are being paid to make mistakes. My mistakes mean I stay unemployed and my bank account gets smaller. There are a lot of people doing their jobs poorly while I have no job at all.