Thursday, February 26, 2015



I had a follow up interview yesterday for part time work in town. Thursday, I have a first round phone interview for full time work that's a little further afield. I had a job interview last week for part time work that I am waiting to hear back about. To date I've had 9 other interviews bringing the total to 10 interviews.

I started using the the JobZone site by the Library Journal and the School Library Journal. This page allows you to make a profile and upload a resume. The search feature doesn't work well if you don't know exactly where you would like to live. I did get five suggestions yesterday. One of which I applied for already. The job is with a university so it might take a while but it's still more irons in the fire.

The Picture Book Expo at Wright State University last weekend, February 21st was cancelled due to snow. We will try again this weekend, assuming the weather behaves.

I've added a section to my blog that will highlight what I am currently reading. You can find my Current Reads as highlighted by GoodReads with a widget in the bottom of the righthand menu. Its below the pages and the subscription box. Since I have some time on my hands and we are only one month into the SWON Teen Reading Challenge 2015, the selection you will see should change pretty often. So far I've read 26 books for 5,200 pages for team Dark Sisterhood.

I've made 60 connections with LinkedIn. You can keep track of this stat and others by watching for updates to my New Year's Goals post.

Lastly, for some comic relief I hope you enjoy this BuzzFeedYellow video called
If Everyone Was Honest At Job Interviews. *Warning for Language, Racism and Sexism*


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