Monday, February 9, 2015

A Day Off

*Originally published 2/3/15, see updates in blue*

When the weather is decent and I walk the dog in the morning. I always notice how the sky seems sharper and the air seems clearer.  I used to think that there was a special quality to the morning.  Now I wonder if that is how the world looks when you first wake up.  The world isn't any different, but you changed.  After good sleep, eye drops and coffee everything seems a little fresher. I cannot swear off most of my distractions.  I don't plan to go cold turkey on social media but one day a week I try to stay offline.  This week from bedtime Saturday until I woke up Monday morning I didn't use social media.  Of course I have rules so that I don't feel completely cut off.  Some internet usage is still ok.  I might edit this list if I find myself cheating.  For right now I have to leave my phone in the other room just to stay out of Facebook.  Somedays I have to turn off the computer all together or I just will not get a thing done.  

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I am not ready to ban tech devices from the bedroom. I know phones, tables and laptops are supposed to negatively effect your sleep.  I have very strange dreams but I just cannot turn in without signing off for the night. 

Eventually I'd like to adapt this day off into a time where I take off my Librarian hat. I wear a lot of fun hats for work.  I have realize that even when I am not working, I do library things.  I don't have a separation between my personal and professional life. I think to be a better librarian I need to look at things with a fresh perspective and this will require me to completely disconnect from work from time to time.  I hope overall this will lead to a better me as Laura and a better me as a librarian.  Hopefully I can do this by being more organized about my time at work so that I can read library blogs between tasks; something I would normally do at home.  Perhaps I can even work on my book reviews and other  professional development job the clock if I can more efficiently accomplish other duties.  I guess what I am attempting is not to do less, but really do more in a different way.  I am excited and optimistic for the outcome. 



  1. It can't hurt and may very possibly help to put some time/space between YOU and work-related activities. Hence the terminology "re-creation. :-)

    1. I think the reason I something I think I am bored at work is because I spend some much time at work and off work still thinking about work that I never take a break. Its not boredom so much as overfamiliarity with the topic. Everyone needs a time out.