Tuesday, January 27, 2015


*Originally published 1/27/15, see updates in blue*


I got nothing.
You should never say you are bored. This will encourage the universe to find you something to do and rest assured you will not like what it picks. Monday I made the mistake of saying I was bored.  I went to get the mail and behold, my W2s.  Having never worked overseas I knew there were some intricacies with my filing for 2014.  On the  recommendation of a friend who still works overseas, I hired a company that's sole purpose is to mange taxation issues.  For this year's return I need special documents.  I never got a W2 from working overseas so my salary had to estimated based on an employment contract.  I did have a foreign bank account so that requires a form too. Turns out if actually you had more than $10,000 (I did not) in your account you get another form or maybe just a different form. (take a moment to imagine having 10k, sounds nice doesn't it?) I have scanned all manner of things for my return this year.  I am currently double checking what should be the final draft of my return.  

The good news is everything looks squeaky clean and all my dollars and cents are accounted for.  The bad news is the processing of all that paperwork will cost me about as much as what I should be getting back from the state and the federal government.  Cue a short rant about  corporations  hiding from taxation by operating overseas.  I should not be in danger of being audited, I do not think I make enough money to truly be of interest. 

Here you go Feds, have my $40.  Don't spend it all in one place.

Do not pass go.
Do not collect $200.
Once my Federal, state and city taxes are filed I then get to file with another city.  I lived and worked in different cities and like many areas each city wants to tax my income.  Why don't I get a say in this? After if it was someone else's income why bother with calling it mine to begin with. So now that I've paid taxes to the city where I worked, I get to pay taxes to the city where I lived.  And sadly I am not enough of a hipster to appreciate their delightfully retro filing system that despite 5 years of residence I never began to understand. 

Did I tell you about the time they mistyped my income as $300,000?  I had to go to go see the clerk of courts and have them change it.  It was scary.  I was asked if I had weapons or steel-toed shoes.  

*updates* - I have not had a job since mid November.  I applied for Medicaid but I haven't had much contact with the office and consequently I still do not have health insurance.  Today I found out that I have to pay a $75 fee to the Affordable Care Act for not having insurance.  So not only is it my fault that I cannot find work that would also offer  insurance but it is also my fault that Medicaid is slower than molasses in January. Why can't  use the $75 to buy insurance? This is not being explained well at all.


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