Friday, January 9, 2015

How's Things?

I have been on LinkedIn for about a week.  I have 27 connections.  I'm not sure how that number stacks up compared to people who have had their profiles for a longer time.  I have seen profiles with 300-500 connections.  I find it quirky that LinkedIn will suggest you apply for jobs that it has deemed related to your field.  Often you cannot read the job description  until you log into another website because yeah I need more passwords to remember.  Once you read the job posting it often isn't something you are qualified for or interested in. Some of the suggestions are laughably far of the mark.   Another facet of the site that can be bothersome is LinkedIn's seeming inability to allow for  unemployment.  The site prompts me near daily to enter my current position as if silly me, I just forgot I was going to work this whole time.  When you register for LinkedIn you are asked if you are job hunting. While this isn't the case for all people I think its fairly logical that if I am looking for a job it could be because I lack one.  At the very least I think listing  unemployed should be a possibility, I'm perfectly capable of berating myself for my jobless state without LinkedIn's help.  

Dilbert by Scott Adams 
Here are some more job hunt numbers.  I've now applied to 23 businesses and libraries.  I've received 2 more no's and set up 3 more interviews.   I am excited that one interview requires a presentation.  Hooray for planning and logistics, this is so in my wheelhouse.  Two positions I applied for had so many applications that we all received emails indicating that it would be a while before we heard anything.  It would seem that 150+ submitted  resumes is a bit beyond the norm for the library world.

When you are out of work people love to tell you to volunteer at the library for the  experience and to keep busy. I have a mental block about doing library work for free so I've started volunteering with the George Rogers Clark Heritage Association.  Initially I was to be setting things up to synchronize their social media a bit more; adding Instagram and hashtags.  Now it looks like I will be helping to update the brochure for The Fair at New Boston.   

Looking for more good news coming down the pike.

Why ask why?
On a totally random note, I read a lot of blogs. Big surprise right?  Who doesn't anymore? A lot of those blogs use GIFs.   I find them incredibly distracting.  I like GIFs. They are hilarious, but the motion is distracting when you are trying to read. I am going to work off the assumption that  many of my readers are constantly over-stimulated, sometimes intentionally so. This from the person who is on their laptop blogging while listening to and singing along with The O'kaysions as they rock Girl Watcher. I've got my phone right here, you know, just in case. (the converse of this is when the actual land line rings, that I stare at. Sometimes with my head tilted to one side a la Nipper of His Master's Voice RCA fame) My point?  I had one. Yes.  The point is that for my blog I will just carry on happily with my selection of text based humor and limit my graphic forays to the still and non-animated variety. 



  1. Laura - I'm hoping you will help with Instagram AND help update the brochure for the Fair at New Boston!!!.

    1. Oh I will, Jon and I are collaborating via email and google drive. I'm balancing you with my job hunt.

  2. I think the volunteering job you are currently doing will keep you busy for a while, even though you are not working on the social media department. Getting a job today is not that easy at all. So I understand when you say that you have to wait for a while before hearing anything. I wish you the best in your job hunt.

    Mabel Wagner @ The Call Center Group A-Z