Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome Packet

Howdy All
When I moved to Qatar I was intensely aware of making a large number of mistakes on a regular basis.  In fact I joked about making at least one major social faux pas a week. (like the night I landed and I didn't know you couldn't just sit in the front seat of the car because this will freak your driver out) Well I've decided to continue in that vein while job hunting.  I only seem to see the typos after the emails sent.  Its all rather cringe worthy.  I think I call my sister at least once a day to have a good flap about something stupid I've done.  I really don't know what worries me more; the mistakes I've made that I know about or the mistakes that go unseen by me but surely not the delighted HR staff just waiting to shuffle me to the bottom of the stack.  I am still working on craft the perfect cover letter that is the correct mix of humility, creativity and desire to please just let me do all the things. 

I decided that unemployment needs a Welcome Packet.  It should remind you of things that you've possibly not yet had the misfortune of needing to know. I have to get health insurance.  This is now a law.  I tried to call Job and Family Services.  Once its just rang for about 5 minutes.  The second time I talked to a person who then transferred me to a voicemail box that was full so I couldn't leave a message.  I was then hung up on.  Next I tried to call Medicaid.  They are experiencing a higher than average call volume so I was prompted to leave my name and number.  This didn't result in a call back yet.  I see commercials about a deadline for health insurance.  I don't know when the deadline is or what happens if you miss it or what happens if the deadlines passes and then you loose you job. 

I attempted the health insurance website and despite being a decently intelligent person I was bamboozled. I was stumped by the 3rd question which asks to estimate your monthly salary.  Um, zero? Unless you mean usually, like when I am employed? Help! No really how to people figure this out normally?  Can I just eat a lot of broccoli and try not to get sick?

When I am not job hunting or over analyzing my cover letters I make soup and go running. I have finally started to sleep through the night but I cannot seem to stay awake passed about 9pm.  I blame some of this on a round of shots I needed that all have fatigue as a side effect.  

In other random news, apparently my car has has the wrong size tires since I bought a new set back in August of 2012.  It hasn't been an issue up until now thankfully. 

While job hunting I have been debating what else to work on so that I maintain my knowledge of kid and YA lit.  I miss book reviewing and blogging.  I think I'll pick up with VOYA and YALSA again.  Maybe I'll get back into SOYAMRG too.  I am starting to understand why people like to blog so much and they do it for a living. It can be a great way to reflect on what you have been up to. I really think the worst part of this whole  experience is that I do not trust my intuition.  Sometimes I reread my posts and I want to rewrite them to cram in a little more reality. I really thought moving to Qatar was an awesome idea until it failed epically.  Now I find myself unable to make decisions.  I don't know what I want or how to get it.  I feel quite lumpish. Which might explain my renewed interest in running as its the rare time of day during which I feel productive. 



  1. "Flying ain't nothing, just falling with style."

    1. Truly, though the impact has a direct effect on how high you climb and your choice of parachute the next time.

  2. Glad you blogged again so we know whats happening etc. Good for you also get talk about some weird adventures here where things are supposedly more sophisticated and modern.Hahahaha..let your running time help get your mind will know what to do and when the time is right you will go for it..remember, there is life after Qatar! cape and matter horn send greetings blah

    1. Blah goats! I don't want to wander around singing "you've lost that lovin' feeling" but it is definitely discouraging to try to find a job that you like, a job that makes you happy and a job that pays a livable wage.

  3. Have you considered just doing a blog of your OWN on YAbooks? You dont need to be just a YALSA writer. You could easily add it to this blog by just tagging the posts with YA reviews or something.

    Also, the healthcare requirements i believe are only if you have a job. You can opt out for a fee but every year you opt out hte fee gets higher or something weird. The whole thing boggles my mind.