Sunday, December 28, 2014

Unexpected Mail

Two weird, and possibly related, things happened this week.  Both of which involved the mail. When I was in Qatar I got mail occasionally.  

When I moved in November I missed a letter that was in transit.  I assumed I would never see it again.  It was mailed from Ohio November 13th and arrived in Doha on the 19th.  I fly home on the 25th and somewhere in the middle the letter and I missed each other.  Qatar's postal service is growing but lacks a lot of aspects I take for granted in the US.  It is uncommon to see mailboxes at residences or to receive mail regularly. Although the letter didn't contain anything on monetary value, mail had been a very important part of living overseas.  I was sorry I wouldn't get one last letter from home.   

Wait a minute Mr. Postman
So just to be strange I got two things in the mail but they didn't arrive at mom's house where I currently live and lived before the move.  No, they showed up on two different days at my sister's house.  The house of the darling mail slot thats not in the door but in the wall of a hall closet. Now if you weren't aware I have quite a fondness for postcards.  I have several hundred, maybe up to a thousand.  I have postcards from many countries and now I have a postcard from Qatar.  The post card is from Souq Waqif the famous market in downtown Doha.  Also on the post card is FANAR, Qatar Islamic Cultural Center in Doha (Fanar on facebook). Famous for its beautiful sea shell like spiral, Fanar is a fantastic landmark for both the downtown and the souq itself. Special thanks to my coworker to whom I was never able to say goodbye in person. 

Perhaps the lone postcard is not so mysterious in the greater scheme of things but when the letter from my sister arrived things got really strange.  Here is the kicker, the letter is in another envelope with no return address and it has your standard US postage, not an international stamp.  The post card and the letter are not in the same handwriting but they both have the same post mark.  Both items were mailed from within the United States.  So while the postcard's author is known, I haven't a the foggiest notion how the letter made its way back to Ohio.  I'm really happy to know that at least two people were involved in getting this letter back to me.  I assume it was the efforts of another coworker but since the letter was mailed back to my sister and not my mom its really hard to guess who it could be. 

Good news will come to you by mail.

 I didn't want or expect much in the way of presents this season.  The best gifts are always surprises so in a funny way I got my wish after all. 



  1. For curious minds and generally nosy folks, the inside of the card says, "Lab results are in... you're awesome!"

    1. Did you want me to tell them the card was full of twist ties too? :)

  2. Replies
    1. Nearly as intriguing as anonymous comments. I do like a good mystery.