Thursday, December 4, 2014

Adventures in Insurance


Call me maybe?
I left my number with the OhioMedicaid customer services  system which is supposed to save my place in line and guarantee that someday I will get a call.  This didn't happen so after 24 hours I attempted the online form.  It took so long to fill out that the page closed out and didn't finish my application.  When I tried to log back in the form won't save.  I can call Job and Family Services but they don't know a thing about the page.  They suggested I call Medicaid. So I called Medicaid again and left my name and number.  Ironically processing your application should take about two weeks but I wonder if that means two weeks from when the get you start the application or two weeks once they have all your paperwork.  I haven't even actually gotten proof I am eligible for Medicaid.  I just know you can't run around with no coverage but aside from scaring people they aren't doing an awesome job explaining what to do next.  I mean excuse me for not having been unemployed before.  Anyone who doesn't think being unemployed isn't a full time job should try it for awhile. It's just as stressful but with way less pay. 

Other favorite things about the online form; when it asks your marital status.  You can choose from married or not married.  How about single?  Please don't define my jobless state based on my inability to find love as well.  Honestly. 

On the third day there was success, at least in that I finally got my application to go through. Now I just have to wait for processing to see if I am in fact eligible.  You have fill out the form to see if you can have state health insurance but filling out the form doesn't mean you will really get coverage.  Meanwhile I do not know if I should look elsewhere for health insurance. 

Eventually I got a phone call and would you believe it takes 30 days to establish if I can have health insurance?  I was told it took two weeks. In fact if you call Medicaid their automated message says it takes two weeks. Are they not even drinking their own Koolaid? So for right now I have two plans: hurry up and find a job, and don't get sick.



  1. My sister has gone through all of this stuff from when she was PREGNANT. She was at 20 weeks when they FINALLY got her forms processed. She didnt see a doctor until 20 weeks.. TWENTY- thats half her pregancy. (she started the process at 10 weeks.. They knew she was applying because she was pregnant. Its not speedy.. its not even helpful, and most of the times its the most frustrating system in the world.

    1. I go ahead just pay for a flu shot and a cleaning at the dentist. I wonder if I can be reimbursed for those things. I really do think they assume you just won't get sick or have any health needs until they are ready to deal with you.

  2. supposedly that's how its dealt with.. reimbursement.. but i wouldn't count your chickens on it.