Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What Are This ? - 2 Answers

Howdy All
I am glad everyone enjoyed What Are This? 2. I got some really varied responses to what our mystery food might be.  Before I reveal the name of our tasty treat I'll share some of the guesses. 

  • carrot pudding, 
  • curry paste
  • tomato soup
  • not edible - gross or radioactive hand lotion, crayons and finger paint
  • yogurt, pudding, sour cream
  • frosting
  • orange white chocolate
  • something pumpkin or papaya
  • mango ice cream or sorbet
  • Arabian Velvetta / Nacho cheese
  • sriacha ice cream

In reality, our mystery food is a tub of chili pepper cream cheese spread. It is spicy and delicious.  And despite the wild appearance the color isn't artificial. That's just what happens when you mix ground chilis with a totally white base.  I enjoy this on pita, bbq bread or fatir.  If you want a real kick you can layer this spread with the three pepper hummus from the deli.  I can see how this would be an awesome condiment for a spicy black bean burger. mmm spicy spicy.  I should say that I have no idea what this dip is really called since the only English words are only descriptive.  I know it's 'smooth 'n creamy' but I cannot ask for it by name.  Oh well. I think there are other flavors at the grocery so I'll try those next and report back.



  1. It sounds good. I was going to guess a spice paste like sumac, but never got around to it. Do you think you will miss the food experience if you are coming back stateside? --- Lynn Millward

    1. I think I will miss the food but only because it was so easy so find new things. I home I will just have to work harder to find dishes to try. Barbara has a friend who can direct us to some Middle Eastern groceries and shops so I think we can impress upon him to us some of his favorites.

  2. Eating weird stuff is always an adventure! Thanks for letting us play! cape and matter