Thursday, November 20, 2014

If I Could

Howdy All

Today I went to the offices, filled out the forms and learned lots of stuffs that I should have been told ages ago but was not.  I do not want to belabor the issue.  I am still confused, only now I am confused about different things. The best part is really my driver.  Not only is he funny but I really enjoy telling him jokes too.  Today we had to return home and then go right back out again.  The security guard seemed confused and my driver made a joke about his 'twin brother.' It's not that no one was ever nice before but it is almost like people sense I feel fragile and they are being extra sympathetic.  Well almost everyone. *whistles jaunty tune while absently looking skyward in a maximum attempt to look innocent*

Yes sir, fancy toast.
I was going to make a boxed mix of blueberry muffins.  I mixed up the batter and took the little can of berries out of the box only to realize it didn't have a pull ring, and that I don't have a can opener.  Honestly this made me angry.  I was going to buy groceries this week and can opener was on my list.  I didn't go because I want to eat what I have in the apartment in whatever odd combination tastes best. So I am standing in the kitchen, thinking "I can't even make a boxed baking mix."  I decided to attack the can with my kitchen scissors.  I do not recommend this.  Yes I did get the blueberries out of the can but now I also have a new name for blueberry juice, permanent.  So now at least I can eat some blueberry bread, oh right did I leave out the part about how I don't have a muffin pan either?  So now I can eat some blueberry bread and admire my light purple freckles and wonder what I am going to do with myself until next Friday or Saturday.  I turned in my RP to be cancelled today.  I should get it back Tuesday.  Supposedly then I am free to leave.  Once your RP is cancelled you have 7 days to get out, or they fine you. It's like 300QAR a day. I want to buy a ticket but I worry anything that looks like its close to being done really isn't.  Not unlike my attempts at baking, I feel the progress I think I have made despite its golden glow is really soup in the middle. 

It is really hard knowing I have got to hold on a little longer.  I was going to wait for a date and then change the sheets on the bed only if I really had to.  Sadly it seems like I'm gonna have to. I know it is dumb, but as annoyed as I am about this whole process I really do not need one more thing.  Don't poke the bear.

And in a little TMI moment, you know what else is making this super challenging?  Oh yes this week I am having my period.  Because what I needed what an extra serving of woe with my humble pie.  Right now I just want to frisk about in white pants as sparkly flowers swirl on a warm spring breeze.  Not!  

Despite not having a date for departure my housing has already made contact about doing an inspection.  You know in case of a total fit of rage i bust a hole in the drywall.  Priorities people, let's get me a plane ticket and then you can work about if the lampshades were broken before I moved in.  And that would yes because I have digital evidence to corroborate.  

I'm not neurotic, I'm thorough.  


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