Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In Just 24 Hours

2015 Ford Figo

They say a lot can change in 24 hours and I think I just lived it. Yesterday about this time a friend drove me to Strong, an auto rental and sales business.  I was a little confused when we pulled up at Popeye's Chicken and she announced that we had arrived. Behind the Popeye's is a lot where a building used to be.  Next to the lot is a tiny, shiny building.  You talk price, choose a car, do some paperwork and bingo-bango-boingo, you have a vehicle.  (Much to the disappointment of my coworkers I did not find a tour bus) You just sort of go out into the night. And yes at this point it's 5:30pm and it's good and dark, not dusk, just full on night time. I have my handy GPS and I am ready for action, if not homicidal Land Cruisers. I made it home safely.  I finally got to park in my own parking space too after looking at it longingly for two months.  I have an assigned slot that I can see from my apartment.  It is pretty handy since I kept neurotically checking for my car all night and into the next morning. And yes that next morning I drove myself to work.  What a nice change.  Really you do see the city differently when you are interacting with other drivers. I don't have a tag for the parking lot so I had to park on the street.  I didn't know how quickly things filled up so I left home around 6:30am. I got a good spot that I could see from my office and off I went to work.  Turns out I could have parked even closer but I was worried about getting towed so I parked behind someone else.  I'm such a sheep but I'm nervous about a ticket.   Amazing. You have no idea. 

This afternoon I had to work at another office.  No calling the driver, no fumbling for cash.  You just grab your things and head out the door.  Amazing. After leaving work again in the afternoon I then drove to the the LuLu Express which has an Aramex office.  I picked up my first box from Amazon.  I ordered some hair things I just cannot find here in Doha.  I am still figuring how to adapt my hair the heat, wind, sand and sun.  Gee you'd think for all that I was at the beach but sadly my hair takes a beating just walking around the apartment complex.  I also ordered a rash guard, it is a shirt you wear for water sports that works as sunscreen.  It is sort of pain to wear with a one piece swim suit since you have to do some calisthenics to use the washroom, but its still less painful than a sunburn.   I had not thought to pack clothes like this but nearly all the children and a lot of the adults swim in long sleeve tops.  I see a lot of long shorts on people as well.  

Related to Aramex, this parcel took nearly a month to receive. It is not a fast or  inexpensive process. If you really want to send me things the best route really is to get items to my family and let them get the parcel ready. I have to pay for some of the shipping to receive the box so I will not be giving out my address since I love ya'll but cannot afford 20lb mystery boxes. 

Then, just because I could, I bought some groceries.  Have i mentioned I might be  addicted to cashew nuts? Its like my body knows it's fall somewhere and that I should be a squirrel. Then I drove home.  Sounds crazy right? I mean the total adult madness of commuting and running errands after work?  I loved it.  So here I am home in time for tea with fresh food, mail from home and a car.  What a difference a day makes. 



  1. Glad you got your own wheels. What do you need from us? Give us ideas of what you can use/need/want...Cape and Matter Horn