Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Carrefour You So Funny

Today I went to the Carrefour grocery store at the mall.  First we got bubble tea which had a lot of sugar.  So by the time we started shopping I think we were a tad wound up and things seemed extra funny. Like these sale signs on rugs.  I'm not sure exactly what they mean but I appreciated them none the less.

I also bought a coffee maker, fruit and yogurt.  You know regular grocery type things.  I stopped to take a picture of the wall of Tang for Barbara.  I had heard there was a lot of Tang here and that it is very popular.  But wow, until you see how lovingly it is displayed you can't truly understand that Tang is king. Advertising campaigns suggest Tang is as good for children as fruit juice.  Especially since children like Tang better.  I am not convinced. Some of the flavors make sense and seem very familiar.  I saw Mango, Tropical Fruit and Orange.  I've read that Tang has been made in nearly 40 flavors but I couldn't find a definitive list. I did not know what to make of the Lemon Pepper flavor.  To me that sounds like a marinade.  Maybe a lot of the flavors are meant to be enjoyed cold but the Lemon Pepper is more of a hot flavor?  I can see this more as a soothing beverage when you have a cold. I'm not brave enough to buy a whole container so I don't know when or how I will find out what this really tastes like. I decided to spend my money things I enjoy like cous cous, turkey bacon and coconut water.  I wanted to get York Peppermint Pattys or Andes mints to keep in the freezer as a cool treat but I didn't see anything remotely similar. 

I got some new hot sauce to try this time.  Its habanero so I hope its hotter than what I have bought before.  I bought more Halva too, this time in pistachio. 



  1. Not exactly sure what a 'Happy Shag' would be in Britain. I can understand why they caught your attention. Thanks for sharing!

    Tang isn't even on the radar of most American kids anymore. Since its heyday in the space race days of the 1960s, it seems to have lost popularity in the USA. Maybe there's a force over the Middle East attracting Tang. I love how you described it as being 'lovingly displayed'. Hope the pepper wasn't too hot.

    1. I think if Tang wants to revive its image in the US that maybe marketing some of these odd flavors will get people's attention. It could be like when they had all those fun flavors of Lays chips and people ran all over looking for them. I didn't try the lemon pepper Tang, I might if I can find it in a smaller size.

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    1. I am glad since it is really hard to take a picture surreptitiously at the supermarket.