Sunday, August 24, 2014

Turkey Central

A friend invited me out for some eating and shopping today.  This blog post is part one which is just the lovely food and later you'll see where we were shopping.  Today's lunch was at Turkey Central, Al Mirqab Street, Doha, Qatar. It is a two story  restaurant in a business area that I would call store of a strip mall.  Turkey Central has basic tables and chairs.  There is little adornment but when you see the tasty food they serve you will understand why. Everything was so delicious although it has only been a day I can barely describe the interior.  I can tell you I nearly tripped getting down the stairs as we left because I think because I had eaten so much my center of balance was off.  We ordered two platters to share and there was enough for maybe two more people.  Of course its insanely hot outside due to the season and not  cool inside because of the kitchens.  The meals are leisurely and the waiters basically leave you alone. 

It's dinner time, I want meat!
Our first dish to arrive was a plate heaped with dips and other condiments. A lot of basic food from the grocery store is very plain so this was a great treat for me.  The Turkish Bread is 2 Riyals or .50 cents.  Its hand made in a giant oven downstairs.  See an image below.  The menu is just names, sizes and prices but no descriptions. Everything tasted amazing but I couldn't  identify many of the foods.  The purple item at the top of the plate was like a cole slaw, creamy and cabbage.  Good but I don't know what you call it.  The red dip is Muhammara, its made of spicy red peppers.  It was zesty but not too hot at all. 

Mint Lemon Juice
We also ordered a mix of grilled meats. The flat breads had a tomato flavor which was super.  Underneath the bread was grilled onions and peppers so let's just say my breath is fantastic right about now.  I believe there was chicken, beef and lamb, all on skewers.  I think we only managed to eat about half. 

My drink was the lemon juice.  If you order lemon juice it is understood that the drink is sweetened and not just a glass of sour juice.  The waiter may ask if you want lemon and mint.  If you like fresh herbs like mint this is a tasty treat and very refreshing. If you've had a good mojito you might have an idea of what to expect from the flavor. The mint soothes the tartness of the lemon a little. Just be prepared that your drink will be green and not yellow as you might expect of lemonade.  I think if you order Coke Light, this is diet Coke.  I had never heard it referred to that way. 

Oven for the bread
The restaurant is upstairs and the down stairs you have more of a deli and take out area.  People will sit outside the restaurant in their cars and just honk their own horns.  Because it is so hot people do not want to come in and order.  They honk until someone from the restaurant comes out to take the order.  The staff must run back and forth with food and the bill.  I don't think I will try placing my order this way. 

I told my friend to stop me if I looked too much like a tourist taking pictures of everything but honestly I think I'm not fooling anyone.



  1. Your stories are always a fun read. The pic help a great deal esp the food and such. Looks like they use a lot of olive oil there on dips etc. Thats a good thing...Drive thru not exactly what you are used to but guess this unusual system works for them! Cape PS Matter is getting her hooves trimmed as I type this but send you her best wishes. Happy week #2

  2. Thanks friend. I am happy to share. Thinking about my blogs really helps to solidify my memories.