Friday, August 22, 2014

The Clubhouse Pool

So for those who do not know, I am bit land locked at the moment.  I do not have a driver's  license and its too hot to bike or walk very far.  Needless anything within walking distance is very fascinating.  Today I went to the Clubhouse that is part of my apartment complex.  It turns out that you need your Qatar Foundation ID to use the facilities.  However I must have looked quite harmless and I was let in anyway.  

Today I visited the pool.  Its really lovely. Of course the water isn't cold at all.  There is a sauna too so you get in the pool, and then the sauna.  When you get back in the pool, the water feels much cooler.  The pavement is so hot even at 10am that you wear your sandals right to the edge of the water and leave your footwear near the ladder. The pool also has a smaller sections for children and these really charming pool floats made of foam.  The toys all look like animals so you swim with these brightly colored turtle kick boards and alligator rafts, along with many children and adults. 

The Clubhouse also features The Meseika Snack Bar, The Grill by the poolside and the Lebaina Restaurant.  You can get fruits and cheese, coffee, hamburgers with fries and other choices.  Overall the prices looked quite good.  I had coffee and cereal.  They were out of both porridge and muesli so I had cornflakes. The coffee was super, I kept adding more and more cream until I had a latte.  Oddly my cereal came with the milk already on it so the flakes were quite soggy.  The milk in the cereal was warm.  I guess this was intentional.  The milk that came with the coffee or possibly for the cereal was also warm.  It all tasted good but it was not exactly what I expected.  I never thought to ask if the milk for the cereal could be on the side or if the milk could be cold.  Next time I really want to try their plate of local cheese with dried fruit.  I was a little confused about the menu since it seems one restaurant is for the pool area and the other two have inside service.  However the three restaurants have one large menu. A difference I noted about the meal was the staff still used ceramic dishes and metal utensils. Normally at a pool area you wouldn't find breakable items or sharp objects like this, everything would be plastic.  

It was a shame, despite the heat all the servers wear a full uniform of long pants, long sleeve buttoned shirt with a vest.  I don't know how my waiter didn't just evaporate.  I am noticing a trend that many waiters, tea boys, etc wear a similar shade of blue that's perhaps teal.  I don't know if this is significant. Its just that I am used to fiddling with my phone and now I try to be very observant.  You do see more this way.  ;)

Sorry for no pictures, there is a no photography rule at the pool and perhaps the whole club house. 



  1. What a great way to start your first full weekend in Qatar. Relaxing by the pool on Fridays is a favorite expat activity. Lots of people also go to the pool at the Intercontinental Hotel for the day to meet up with other expats, and have lunch. One thing you will learn as you spend more time here is that some people here do not care for cold drinks, and even believe it is not good for your health. Even in Europe I was not served drinks that were as cold as they are served in the U.S. I found it odd as well, but I've gotten used to it. Also, the reason the waiters, tea boys, etc, are wearing a similar wardrobe is because all of them work for QF, including the clubhouse wait staff, so it is a uniform color. I think it is really cool you are picking up on all of this so soon. Life is definitely interesting here, with lots of differences as well as some similarities. --Carol

  2. It was very relaxing, I wish I had brought something to read. I feel I may need a hat too. The sun was very intense bouncing off all the water. I think what confused me about the milk was also that we assume a certain temperature is safer for some items. Warm milk is something I only joke about drinking when I cannot sleep. Ah so the link is the QF again. I did wonder about the uniforms.

  3. Just a suggestion: stay away from most dairy yogurt etc in the heat of outside. Try hard type cheese and fruit. Dairy and that intense heat don't mix well. Save the milk stuff for when you are inside /AC. You have learned a lot this week and more to come next week...Happy weekend!
    Cape and Matter Horn