Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kitchen Quiz

Nothing says fun like things without directions or things with directions that you are too lazy to read. Imagine you've walked into the kitchen and behold this unusual gadget.  Its not for airing out socks.  Any guesses?  Post them in the comments section below.  Feel free to use the anonymous feature if you are more comfortable with that.

Next scenario, you are putting items in the freezer and you encounter these funny dials.  Normally they are horizontal but you can twist them to vertical.  What magic do you think happens when the dial is turned to the right?  Best guesses will earn you bragging rights, silly suggestions won't get you anywhere.

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  1. The first gizmo is mystifying though maybe something to air or dry something on. The dials perhaps to control temperature or maybe you can alter the size of ice cubes? Can't wait to know the true purpose.

  2. Does the first thingy bend? Looks like you could use it to grab a roasted chicken perhaps. Or throw a ball for the kelpie. Second things look like temperature controls.

  3. The wire thing is for using on your grill or stove top to make kebabs, a very popular meal in the middle east. The dials are for controlling the temperature in the freezer or the the refrigerator, one for each compartment.